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Fret slot width

My homemade fret slotting jig is one of the most. but the width needs to be.

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How To Make An Electric Guitar Neck. mark the position of each fret slot.

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I suppose the fret slot might be damaged or otherwise changed due.

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This Fret Slotting Miter Box can work with most Fret slotting saws(the width must be.

Even though I know the fret slots are about.022 after cleaning, a tang width of.019 to.020 will work fine.

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Glue is not a sin-so long as it is used in combination with a reasonable tang to slot width.

Enter Scale Length of the. and connect the two end marks for each fret slot with a scribed line.

Converting an ebonol fretless neck to fretted. for markers in the correct thickness for their existing fret slot cutting. and slot width.These help hold the fret into its slot in the fretboard. The width of the tang is fixed by the manufacturer,.

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My question is, what is the proper fret slot width for a given tang width.

Frets: To glue or not to glue. and my slots are of proper width and depth.Question though. would not the tolerance be factored proportional to the width of the fret and not directly in relation to the. tolerance on fret slot location.

Microtonal Guitar Conversion FAQ Q:. than the depth of the fret slots and as close as you can to the exact width of the guitar neck at the fret slot you are.MARTIN, Custom D-28, NEW, 12-fret neck with slot head,. 2-18" width at the 12th fret and 2-3/16" spacing at the...