Web Design and Conversion Go Hand in Hand For a Small Business Website

Many small and local businesses define a website as just a catolog, or something that is used to provide background info about a business or services… And just in-case your wondering…That is a “official” definition!

But I couldn’t disagree more with this! Let me tell you why…

A website, in my opinion, should be defined as a physical entity that is used to engage full-on interaction with potential clients, customers, members etc. The only difference that you see from both definitions is the “interaction” part.

Interaction today is the only thing that separates us from a Web 1.0 world to now a web 2.0 world!

The internet today is all about getting your prospects to interact and take action and if you can’t do this you will loose them right off your page… usually reffed to as “bounce rate”.

The good news for small businesses who know this, is that most companies are still stuck in a Web 1.0 world giving you the upper hand!

Where interaction and personality didn’t matter…

The goals you should have for your website today include:

1. Capturing them as a lead
2. Getting them to join a newsletter or mailing list
3. Filling out some type of form
4. Having them pick up the phone and call you
5. Or having them go join you on another site to create trust with you

I assure you that if you put these as priorities for your web site design you will be light years ahead of the small business who still have traditional catalog and digital brochure websites that don’t have any visible call-to-action.

In closing I encourage you to take action in bringing your business online and current with a modern website that promotes all these call-to-action.

That is if you care about generating business online…